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What Causes Warped Vinyl Siding

What Causes Warped Vinyl Siding

Beautiful, durable, and low maintenance, vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners in Joliet, Illinois. With proper maintenance, vinyl siding may protect your home from the elements for decades. However, even the most well-kept siding in Joliet, IL, may become susceptible to one common problem—warping

Warped vinyl siding is not only an eyesore; it can compromise your home’s integrity and saddle you with an astronomical repair bill. But what causes vinyl siding to warp? 

Common Causes of Vinyl Siding Warping, Buckling, and Cracking 

If you notice your vinyl siding buckling, chances are you’re dealing with any of the following causes:

Water Deterioration 

Water infiltration is a leading cause of warped vinyl siding in Joliet, IL. Your home may be susceptible to water damage if the vinyl siding isn’t properly installed or has gaps. Degraded or damaged caulking around doors, windows, or joints may allow water to seep behind the siding and damage the underlying material. With time, the moisture may cause your vinyl siding to warp, buckle, or crack. 

Taking quick corrective measures after noticing the first signs of siding deterioration helps prevent further damage. Trustworthy siding installers can help safeguard your home by repairing the house wrap and replacing the damaged vinyl boards.  

Exposure to Heat Sources 

Subjecting vinyl siding boards to intense heat comprises their structural integrity and appearance and gradually causes them to deform and warp. While the sun is the primary culprit, using direct heat sources such as stoves, barbeque grills, or firepits near the house may damage your siding. Depending on the neighborhood, the sun’s reflection may be a significant factor. If houses in your area are close together, the sun rays reflecting off your neighbor’s windows may damage your home. 

What Causes Warped Vinyl Siding

Foundation Movement 

Sometimes, the soil beneath your home may shift and settle following a rainstorm or an earthquake. Soil settlement may destabilize the foundation and cause your home to shift and settle. The resultant movement may create pressure points on the siding, causing them to buckle and warp. Fortunately, foundation movement problems are rare in well-built homes. That said, a shifting foundation spells serious trouble and requires immediate attention. 

Four Season Weather Conditions

Every year, your home siding must endure four seasons with wildly different weather conditions. The massive temperature swings in winter and summer are the key drivers of deteriorating vinyl siding. The vinyl boards shrink in winter only to expand during summer. Since they’re bolted in place, siding boards often buckle, rack, and warp to accommodate the resultant movement. While you may not control the weather, you limit the weather-related damage by installing quality weather-resistant siding. 

Pest Damage 

While vinyl siding isn’t susceptible to pest damage, the rest of your home’s structure. Wooden beams are vulnerable to pests such as termites, bees, or ants unless properly treated. Critters may also compromise your home’s structural damage, causing it to shift and damage the siding. Birds such as woodpeckers may physically damage your vinyl and cement board siding by drilling holes.  

Poor Siding Installation 

During installation, poor craftsmanship, especially improper fastening, may accelerate siding damage. Improperly fitted siding may shift and create gaps that allow moisture penetration. If the installer nails the boards too tightly, they may crack and break as they expand or contract in response to the prevailing weather. Your home has a higher risk of water damage if your contractor didn’t install a house wrap before fixing the sidings. 

Low-Quality Materials 

When it comes to sidings, you get what you pay for. While tempting, you should avoid low-quality home sidings at all costs. Installing low-performance products may save you money in the short term but saddle you with an enormous repair bill later. Cheap cement board sidings may seem attractive, but they’re prone to shrinkage, cracking, warping, buckling, and delamination. Working with a reliable contractor can help you pick the most reliable siding brands and protect your investment. 

Aging of Vinyl Siding 

The constant exposure to inclement weather takes a toll on your home’s siding, and the boards may deteriorate with age. While quality vinyl siding may serve you for 30 to 40 years, most brands have a much shorter lifespan. Depending on the choice of quality, some siding boards start deteriorating after ten years. Installing weatherproof siding boards such as James Hardie fiber cement siding safeguards your home and helps you save money.

Solutions & Prevention 

Contacting a reliable contractor is the best way to fix warped vinyl siding in Joliet, IL. An expert service will not only fix the issue but also help you prevent recurrence. 

Addressing Moisture Issues 

Moisture and water damage often result from gaps, holes, or cracks in your home’s siding. Installing a high-quality waterproof barrier beneath the siding creates an additional barrier against water damage. Replace all the damaged vinyl boards and ensure the new ones are properly installed with tight seams that leave no gaps or openings. Be sure to repair the damaged caulking around the doors and windows. 

Regular home inspection and maintenance can help you spot the signs of damage and nip the problem in the bud. Cleaning your gutters, downspouts, and other drainage points helps minimize the risk of water infiltration. 

Protecting Siding from Heat

 You should take immediate action if you notice heat-related damage on your siding. First, you’ll need to identify the root cause of the problem and replace the damaged boards. If the sun rays are the problem, consider shading your siding with trees or installing a shading system. 

Maintaining proper clearance when using heating-emitting appliances eliminates the risk of localized warping damage. You’ll need to tactfully engage your neighbors and request them to install window screens if window reflections are the problem. Heat-resistant siding can help you protect your home while avoiding too much hassle. 

What Causes Warped Vinyl Siding

Ensuring Proper Installation 

Always engage a reputable and experienced siding contractor for any siding installation job, large or small. Such contractors follow manufacturers’ guidelines, best industry practices, and local weather patterns. They will make every adjustment necessary to protect your home and extend the lifespan of your siding. 

Choose a contractor who offers a warranty on their installation workmanship. A warranty assures you that the contractor will fix and rectify any issue due to poor installation. 

Selecting Quality Materials 

Installing sidings from reputable brands renowned for producing high-quality products is the best way to protect your home. Quality sidings can have an exceptionally long lifespan. They require minimal maintenance and can protect your home from the elements for up to 50 years. 

How We Can Help With Your Warped Vinyl Siding

At Will County Siding and Windows, we understand that warped vinyl siding can be troubling and frustrating. We specialize in residential siding and window installation to help homeowners protect their investments. Our expert siding installers are here to help with any siding problem, from installation and maintenance to repair and upgrades. 

We’ll help you choose the best siding solution for your home and ensure it meets your home’s unique functional and aesthetic needs. You can trust our professional experts to help you with all your siding, gutter system, and window installation needs. 

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